The Egg of Columbus or The Hidden Movements in Stocks and Commodities Markets (1942) by George Bayer


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The Egg of Columbus or The Hidden Movements in Stocks and Commodities Markets by George Bayer

Alanpuri Trading, Los Angeles, 2012. Softcover, Reprint, Exact facsimile of the 1942 edition originally self-published by George Bayer, includes charts and illustration, 18 pp.

Reproduction Quality: Good, the majority of the reproduction is clear and clean, but the small dates of the charts (only 2 pages of charts) are difficult to read, all text is clear and legible.

Contents: From the foreword, “The matter dealt with in this work is the hardest and most difficult subject anyone can touch. It attempts to explain the ways to make money in markets by the use of strange, natural, but true cycles. A tiny little bit of the surface is here but scratched, when we consider that some writers hav used up 20,000 pages such as Swedenborg did; Athenaeus used for the same about 3,000 pages; one old Greek text in my possession used 18 pages to cover the laws. Of course, every reader will realize quickly, as soon as he has completed his first reading, that the 20,000 page work of Swedenborg covers everything of life that possesses a cycle of any kind or description, while we, for practical trading, require but the very common major moves to make money in the markets. It would be a different story if we would want to get things down so close that each of the 400 or 500 contracts traded at this time during a trading day would be specified to the moment as well as to the exact eighth price. This actually is possible and in this direction I am a present working on my own research. You might gasp at this statement, but you soon will stop when you are through with this work, because you will have to catch you own breath to digest. Do not think for a moment that there were not people living ages ago who were much smarter and wiser than anyone living today. I have my wisdom (that little which I have) from them, and don’t owe the present generation a nickel’s worth of thanks. The present generation actually held me back many years, having to wade through their works first until hard thinking put me on the right trail. – George Bayer, Carmel, California, January 2, 1942.” – About the Author: Born in Germany, George Bayer moved to the United States in the early 1900’s in order to satisfy his American dream of becoming a successful trader on New York and Chicago’s speculative markets. Upon his arrival in New York it is supposed that Bayer started out as a stock broker and gravitated to the study of natural cycles within the markets Though little was known about Bayer, we certainly can see today that he was a most prolific and highly successful writer of books regarding financial investment. Bayer is also noted with having authored and published one of the most unique books about market analysis entitled, Expert Stock Trader. His highly original theories and methodologies singled Bayer out as one of the great investment giants of his time. Much like his contemporaries W.D. Gann and RN Elliot, Bayer was also successful in accurately predicting price levels in market movements which undoubtedly yielded great profits, however unlike Gann, Bayer did not have a good grasp of trade management, even though he did write books on the subject. Bayer marketed his financial trading services to 300 clients who took his forecasts, yet there is no solid evidence that states he sold as many lessons on the subject as Gann did. Gann and Bayer did have in common their successful ability to deliver their trading theories through code in their writing and both did rely much on their study of ancient writings as the basis of their knowledge. One example is a book Bayer wrote entitled “George Wollsten: Expert Stock and Grain Trader,” which is a story many believed was written with a code format which when decrypted, would reveal a hidden message leading to information on how to accurately calculate the natural cycles of markets. – Extremely Scarce and important title by George Bayer, 18 pages,

The Egg of Columbus or The Hidden Movements in Stocks and Commodities Markets by George Bayer