Stock Market Fluctuations and Cosmic Influence by Gustave Lambert-Brahy (1941) Limited Edition Hardcover


A Limited Edition of an extremely rare title on Financial Astrology by Gustave Lambert-Brahy. This book was originally written in French and released in France in 1941. This is the English version of that 1941 title.

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Stock Market Fluctuations and Cosmic Influence by Gustave Lambert-Brahy

Alanpuri Trading, Los Angeles, 2012. Hardcover. Reprint. Limited Edition of 100 copies, (Authorized by Norman H. Winski and Astro-Trend Publications)  blue boards with black title over white to cover and white title to spine, 8.5″ x 11″, As translated from French to English, in its entirety from the 1941 edition, by Phyllis Gould. This translation was originally published in 1982 by Norman Winski and Astro-Trends Publications, 226 pp.

A Special Thanks to Norman Winski for his assistance with this project.

Contents: Preface to First Edition, Preface to Second Edition, Chapter I: Historical and Documentary Details, from Solar Magnetism to Influences of the Stars, Chapter II: The Planets and the Zodiac, Chapter III: Aspects, Chapter IV: The Tables of the Planetary Positions, Chapter V: Preparatory Considerations for the Study of Connections Discovered Between the Movements of Expansion and Contradiction of the World Economy and the Planetary Configurations Since 1820, Chapter VI: Detailed Table of Planetary Aspects Between the Years 1820 and 1940, Chapter VII: Value Diagrams of Planetary Aspects from 1820 to 1940, Chapter VIII: Conclusions Drawn by Studying Value Diagrams of Planetary Aspects for the Years 1820 to 1940, Chapter IX: The Crisis 1928-1932, Chapter X: Some Theories Derived from the Table of Planetary Aspects (Chapter VI) Comparison of Crisis and Economic Expansion, Chapter XI: Significance of the Planets from the Following Points of View: General, Economic, Stock Market., Chapter XII: The Significance of Planetary Aspects from a Political, Economic, and Purely Market Point of View, Chapter XIII: How to Establish a Diagram of Probable Economic Fluctuations According to the Planetary Configurations of the Moment, Chapter XIV: Solar Aspects The Phenomenon of Transmission, Chapter XV: Lunar Aspects The Phenomenon of Double Transmission, Chapter XVI: Simultaneous Planetary Combinations, Chapter XVII: Parallels and Declinations, Chapter XVIII: Equinoxes and Solstices. Entrance of Planets and Signs, Chapter XIX: Strength and Weakness of Planets in the Signs, Chapter XX: Example of Application of Preceding Principles: The Hoover Boom, Chapter XXI: Orientation of a Map of the Sky, Chapter XXII: The Meaning of the Cardinal Points, The 12 Houses and the Planets Occupying Them in a World Map of the Sky, Chapter XXIII: Period Sky Maps, Chapter XXIV: Eclipses – The Krueger Crash, Chapter XXV: Prediction of Earthquakes and Analogous Catastrophes, Chapter XXVI: Determination of the Probable Location of an Event by Orientation of Cardinal Points of a Sky Map, Chapter XXVII: Determination of Probable Locations of an Event by the Signs of the Zodiac, Chapter XXVIII: Predictions by Examination of a Country’s Theme, Chapter XXIX: Financial Predictions Obtained by Studying Themes of Stock Market Values, Chapter XXX: Stock Market Values and State Banks, Chapter XXXI: Problems with Fluctuations of Raw Materials, Chapter XXXII: The Planet Pluto, Chapter XXXIII: A Typical and Controllable Example of General Forecasts, Chapter XXXIV: The Years 1934 to 1940 (1), Chapter XXXV: An Anticipation of the Years 1941 to 1950 and the Second Half of the Century in Progress, The Period 1951 to 2000, Chapter XXXVI: Conclusions and Advice, Table of Contents, List of Figures, Tables and Diagrams — end. 226 Pages, EXTREMELY SCARCE ENGLISH TRANSLATION of Gustave Lambert-Brahy’s book on Financial Astrology, Limited Edition, Collectible.

Stock Market Fluctuations and Cosmic Influence by Gustave Lambert-Brahy, 226pp.