My Story – A Search for W.D. Gann’s Master Time Factor by The Seeker



Hardcover, Reprint, Limited Edition of 100 copies, 2021, 208 pp., An exact facsimile of the original 1983 title plus the 1986 Additional Material and other extras. Also Includes an oversized stock chart 24″ x 55″ that was included with the 1983 edition to illustrate Appendix VI. The chart and chart tube are also a numbered limited edition – number of the chart and tube will match the hardcover title. Contents: Dedication, Preface, Table of Contents, Part I: The Original 1983 Version of My Story – A Search for W.D. Gann’s Master Time Factor, Chapter 1: Introduction – My Story Begins, Chapter 2: Disaster For An April Fool, Chapter 3: What Next? Or More Aptly Where Now?, Chapter 4: You Must Destruct Before You Can Construct, Chapter 5: I begin Again, Chapter 6: Stock Market, Astrology, Mindset, Mr. Gann and Me, Chapter 7: I Discover the Legendary Master Time Factor!, Chapter 8: Here Is a Path. You Could Try This One, Chapter 9: “The Seeker’s Creed,” Chapter 10: For Me – The Closing Of A Circle, APPENDIX I: Forecasting By Time Cycles (14 pp.), APPENDIX II: Fragments of Gann Monograph (6 pp.), APPENDIX III: “Learn Before You Lose” Sales Brochure (11 pp.), APPENDIX IV: Forecasting (The Master Time Factor Lesson) (21 pp.), APPENDIX V: “THE SEEKER’S CREED” I: Creation, II: God’s Law, III: The Law of Action, IV: Law of Harvest, V: Law of Increase and Expansion, VI: Law of Purpose, VII: Law of Attraction, VIII: Law of Specialization, IX: Law of Time, Cycles, Rhythms, Seasons, X: Summation (24 pp.), APPENDIX VI: Master Time Factor Charts of The Dow-Jones Averages (These charts are combined into an oversized color chart 24” x 55” that is included with this limited edition.), APPENDIX VII: Weekly Charts Showing Master Time Factor. (4 pp.)

PART II: Additional Material (1986) Additional text and charts that were provided to owners of the original 1983 title. (33 pp.)

Part III: Various letters, advertisements and endorsements related to The Seeker and My Story – A Search for W.D. Gann’s Master Time Factor. (8 pp.)

Book and chart will ship at same time in separate boxes.

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