Success Stock Market Course (1952) by George Seamans


An extremely scarce Trading Course that includes the application of Dollar-X Charting by George Seamans circa 1952.


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Success Stock Market Course (1952) by George Seamans

Alanpuri Trading, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A., 2014. Soft cover. Reprint, exact facsimile of the rare original course published in 1952. This course includes several chapters on Dollar-X Charts, 294 pp., George Seamans, (pseudonym for Ely Bramson b. 1889)

Contents: Foreword, Introduction, Chapter 1: Volume, 2. More Volume, 3. Scientific Profit Pictures, 4. Dollar-X Charts, 5. Do They All Go Up Together, 6. Market Dynamics, 7. Dollar-X Chart Proof, 8. How To Do It, 9. Choosing The Trend, 10. Why It Will Move, 11. Why It Did What It Did, 12. How Well Did It Do?, 13. Sell Them Short, 14. Know the Market Top, 15. Technical Condition of Stocks, 16. Dow Theory – Does It Work?, 17. Cycles or Profits, 18. Warrants and Rights, 19. Market Brakes, 20. Canada – And Stocks, 21. Options (missing first page of chapter 21), 22. Don’t Do This, 23. Wisdoms, 24. Where to Find Out, Appendix (missing page 6 of the appendix, the appendix is 22 page in length) — end. 294 pp.

EXTREMELY RARE TITLE based on Dollar-X Charting, Reprint of the 1952 original. Highly Recommended Reading.

Success Stock Market Course (1952) by George Seamans