Realistic Stock Market Speculation (1972) by E.S.C. Coppock


Important title from the creator of the Coppock Indicator.

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Realistic Stock Market Speculation by E.S.C. Coppock

Alanpuri Trading, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A., 2015. Softcover. REPRINT. Exact facsimile of the 1972 first edition. 52 pp.

Contents: per cover, “An elementary dissertation on the inadequacy of stock market analysis methods employed by the average amateur speculation enthusiast, plus a detailed presentation of two trend analysis techniques and some observations on profit making.” — For those of you who don’t know about Edwin Coppock (E.S.C. Coppock), he was the founder of Trendex, a service in the 60’s and 70’s that specialized in relative strength work in both stocks and industry groups. Coppock developed the “Coppock Curve,” or “Coppock Indicator to calculate buy signals for long-term investors. The equation: Coppock = WMA[10] of (ROC[14] + ROC[11]). The Coppock indicator first appeared in Barron’s Magazine in October 15, 1962. It was noted in a 2001 interview with John Bollinger in Active Trader Magazine (of Bollinger Band fame) that Coppock’s work with computers and the ability to “trade without emotion” became a catalyst for Bollinger’s technical analysis work. — 52 pages, REPRINT, Extremely Scarce Title by Coppock.

Realistic Stock Market Speculation by E.S.C. Coppock