Planetary Effects on Stock Market Prices (1932) by James Mars Langham


A rare 1932 title on the Astrological Therom of Market Forecasting.

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Planetary Effects on Stock Market Prices (1932) by James Mars Langham

Alanpuri Trading, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A., 2013. Softcover, Reprint of the original text, originally published in 1932 by Maghnal Publishing Co., 179 pp.

Contents: The Astrological Theorem of Market Forecasting, Chapter 1: Explanation, 2. Procession of Equinoxes 2000 Year Cycles, Great Conjunctions 240 Year Cycles, Eclipses of Sun and Moon, 3. Commercial Effects of Major Planet Transits, Uranus Transits – 84 Year Cycles, Saturn Transits – 30 Year Cycles, Jupiter Transits – 12 Year Cycles, 4. Major Planets Aspects versus Primary Market Movements, Chart of Averages, 5. Effects of Hershel and Saturn, Thirteen Evil Aspects 1860 to 1827, 7. Tabulated Records, Table No. 1. Hershel-Saturn Evil Aspects, Table No. 2. Hershel-Saturn Good Aspects, Table No. 3. Hershel-Jupiter Good Aspects, Table No. 4. Hershel-Jupiter Evil Aspects, Table No. 5. Saturn-Jupiter Good Aspects, Table No. 6. Saturn-Jupiter Evil Aspects, Chapter 8: Effects and Examples of Ingresses and Lunations, Chart No. 1 – Spanish American War, Chart No. 2 – Lindbergh Kidnapping, Chart No. 3 – Ivan Kruger Suicide and Resulting Market Slump, Chapter 9. Rules for Selecting Favorable Times, Chart No. 4 – Inauguration President Hoover, Chart No. 5 – Inauguration President Coolidge, Chart No. 6 – Birth of Republican Party, Chart No. 7 – Incorporation of U.S. Steel, Chart No. 8 – Incorporation Union Carbide & Carbon, Chapter 10: The Use of Individual Stock Charts, General Motors Corporation, United Gas Improvement Co., Chapter 11: Human Interest in Astrology, Financial Prospects, Personal Popularity, Marriage, Fortunate and Unfortunate Periods and Associates, What Stocks to Choose, Chapter 12: Future Aspects and Indications for 1933-1934-1935, Chapter 13: How to Use the Ephemeris, Chapter 14: Ephemeris giving Geocentric Longitudes and Declinations Neptune, Hershel, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars for the 1st of Each Month from 1900 to 1950 — end. 179 pp.

Reprint of a scarce and important title on Financial Astrology.

Planetary Effects on Stock Market Prices by James Mars Langham, 179 pp.