Gartley’s Stock Market Experience Tables (1940) by H.M. Gartley


In this 1940 book, Gartley seeks to create a system with tables to modernize stock market analysis. At the end of Gartley’s analysis process, the system creates “experience tables” that are used to guide future stock investment. H.M. Gartley is most famous his development his harmonic chart patterns. The “Gartley pattern” is a harmonic chart pattern, based on Fibonacci numbers and ratios, that helps traders identify reaction highs and lows.

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Gartley’s Stock Market Experience Tables (1940) by H.M. Gartley

Alanpuri Trading, Los Angeles, 2016, softcover, reprint, exact facsimile of the rare 1940 title originally published by H.M. Gartley, Inc., 114 pp.

Contents: Foreword, Basis of Understanding, Psychological Barriers, Special Abilities Required, Large Risks Involved, Fallacy of “Specific Purpose” Speculations, Planned Profits, Trading Intermediate Swings, Two Problems Involved, The Technical Approach, Per Cent Fluctuations, Only Accurate Yardstick, Selecting the Best Stocks for Speculation, Stocks Have Habits, Relative Velocity, Comparison: Two Industrial Stocks, Comparison: Two Railroad Stocks, Comparison: Two Utility Stocks, Another Comparison: Two Industrials, Reasons for Velocity, Effects of Earnings and Dividends, Effects of Volume, Effects of Price, Effects of Leverage, Experience Tables vs. Fundamental Analysis, Dependability of Velocity, Diversification, Dependable Velocity Statistics based on Adequate Background, Velocity Research, Minor Group Velocity, Which Minor Groups Have Highest Velocity?, Which Minor Groups Have Greatest Activity? Minor Group Components Stocks, General Economic Classifications: Gartley Minor Groups, Backbone Cyclical Groups, Growth Trend Groups, Stable Income Groups, Consumer Durable Goods Groups, Consumer Goods Groups, Commodity Groups, Industry Expansion Groups, Portfolio of Important Stocks, Average Velocity a Guide in Selection, Activity and Important Factor, Advancing Stocks, The Real Market Leaders, Selected Speculations, Selected Low-Priced Speculations, High Velocity Dangers, Low Velocity, Expectancy Tables Applied to a “Present Portfolio,” Mechanics of Testing the Expected Velocity of a Common Stock Portfolio, Summary, List of Tables, List of Illustrations — end. 114 pp.

Reprint of an EXTREMELY SCARCE TITLE by Harold M. Gartley originally published in 1940, Highly Collectible Title.

Gartley’s Stock Market Experience Tables (1940) by H.M. Gartley 114pp.