Advanced Concepts for Market Technicians (1977) by Peter N. Haurlan


An extremely rare and important title on vital trading concepts from a real JPL rocket scientist circa 1977.

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Advanced Concepts for Market Technicians (1977) by Peter N. Haurlan

Alanpuri Trading, Los Angeles, 2012, Softcover, Reprint, An exact facsimile of the 1977 edition that was originally published by Trade Levels, Inc. Pasadena, 47 pp,, includes a 4-page paper entitled “Pyramid Plan for 50% Margin” laid-in, Peter N. Haurlan (1923-1978)

Contents: I. Objectives, II. Market Price Indicators, Requirements of a Price Indicator, Dow Jones Industrial Average, NYSE Composite Index, Standard & Poors 500 Index, Unweighted Market Averages, Trade Levels UNW MKT AVR, III. Time-Wieghted Moving Averages, Long Term, Intermediate Term, Measuring Breadth by WTD MOV AVR, IV. Short-Term Trading, Risks Involved, Personality Requirement, A Suggested Trading Technique, Summary, V. Action Signal Formula, General Principles, Typical Stock Phases, Action Signal Logic, Overrides, Second Warning About Limitations, VI. Cycle Forecasting, The Existence of Cycles, Trade Levels Approach to Cycles, Cycle Criteria, Currently Active Cycles, Composite Stock Cycle, Summary, VII. Reducing the Risk of Trading (Pyramid Plans), Why Pyramid? Pyramid Calculations, Types of Pyramid, Selecting a Pyramid, Effects of Margin Requirement, How Close Out a Pyramid, Effects of Commission and Interest, Aggressive Pyramids, Short-Sale Pyramids, Appendix: Exponential Smoothing, The Problem, The Aerospace Solution, Selecting the Trend Period, Selecting the Initial Value, Performing the Calculations, Changing Trend Periods, Using Trend Values in Trading, Weighted Moving Average, Equivalent Moving Average, Summary — end. 47 pp. + Appendix.

Summary: Extremely scarce title by the JPL Rocket Scientist that developed the Haurlan Index indicator in the 1960s. While at JPL, Haurlan is cited as using the JPL computers at night to start tracking the stock market using spacecraft tracking techniques, (Sherman McClellan Speech at MTA Awards 2004). I’d encourage you read more on Haurlan as his story is quite fascinating. Reprint, extremely rare and important content from the late 1970s.

Advanced Concepts for Market Technicians by Peter N. Haurlan, 47 pp.